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Dad Jokes

Dad, did you get a haircut? No, I got them all cut. 

It's almost Father's Day, and if you're lucky, you'll get to call your dad who loves you, and he'll crack some dumb joke you've heard a million times, and you'll utter the predictable groan. 

Like all those repetitive but poignant Mother's Day memes, let's take a moment to acknowledge that this day can be tough. Some dads are the bees knees, and some are not, while others are long gone and sorely missed. Some are emotionally stunted, with sudden spurting fountains of unsolicited information and advice. (Oh the harmful and deeply ingrained stereotypes of yesteryear!)

However lovely or complicated your relationships with father figures, we hope June 16th is a time to mark happy memories and celebrate the positive paternal forces in your life.

Over here at Watson & Lou, we're BIG fans of the shift happening in socially acceptable notions of fatherhood, and BIG fans of the exceptionally thoughtful dads who come through our doors. 

We see dads who not only take on basic parenting duties, but who listen, encourage, indulge, redirect, and nurture like pros. Dads who love and appreciate their partners to Pluto and back. Dads who are sweeter than a Black Honey butter tart.

If you're looking to say thanks for all the dad jokes with a swell Peterborough-made gift this year, we can definitely help...

And to show our appreciation for all the superdads out there, we're holding a little giveaway on Instagram, so visit us there to tag a dad you know and love for a chance to win a bunch of sweet dad swag until Friday June 14th!

Hey, did you hear about that French cheese factory that exploded?

...Nothing left but de Brie.

With love and mad dad props,

Anna & Erin

p.s. We have a mini summer workshop schedule in the works with kid's stuff, and sketchbooking. Stay tuned!

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