Gift-hungry Goats!


Most of us North Americans -- Watson & Lou staff included -- are busy fending off the predictable early waking nightmares of oversized sparkling candy canes and the slow, painful murder of our favourite carols (repeat after me, mall managers everywhere: not until December). We are also very busy behind the scenes preparing for the masses of Peterborough to knock down our doors like a herd of gift-hungry, art-loving, savvy small business-supporting goats!

But we are not complaining about this task one bit.

As you may know, the first few years of business are always hard on the personal purse strings, so we are living vicariously through you as your personal shoppers of everything precious and unique and special from near and far ...but mostly near. Buying this stuff in bulk feels like filling our entire grocery cart with cheese and chocolate, and it's A LOT OF FUN. 

We've got some new handmade jewellery on the way, including simple silver stacking rings by Spirit of Vera, gorgeous rustic brass and silver accessories by Hawkley, and a variety of party outfit-worthy dangly earrings in acetate by Torched Studio that'll have you feeling fine even in your eighteen layers of winter garb. 

To ramp up the coziness, we've got fresh hand knit accessories by Lakeside Stitching Co., recycled CASHMERE and wool mittens by Keetarella, and recycled CASHMERE pillows by Odd Ducks Vintage. (No, you can never have too much cashmere, especially if it's recycled.) 

Working on reducing your carbon footprint? Avoiding plastic? Saving perfectly worthy materials from the dump? Check out our reusable beeswax food wraps (now with cats), some gorgeous new cutting boards from a cherry tree that met with a hurricane, or these lovely little friends made right here in Peterborough by Mini Goddesses. Classic wooden toys of the truck, train, and yo yo variety also on the way! 

If it's monochromatic sass you're looking for, we've covered that department too with new things by Stay Home Club, Jackie Lee, Light and Paper Ali, and new totes by Deanna Henry + Nish Tees + W&L.

If it's soul-filling workshops you're after, there are still a bunch of GREAT ones that are not sold out. 

This coming Tuesday, our tried and true Instagram Bootcamp with Kat Tepylo is on the roster. Only a few tickets left. Get in there and whip that social media butt into shape!

We're VERY excited to welcome local author and Mother of All, Anne Douglas to facilitate our first writing workshop where she will teach you how to trick yourself into writing a book.

Next up, Sarah Peers is back with her mountains of gorgeous, pre-drilled vintage china plates to help you make a gorgeous custom jewellery or dessert stand.

Then, perhaps most thrillingly, Natalie Raponi from HeckYes! is back during the last week of November with her luscious, divine, indulgent, sweet-smelling, festive spread of Winter Wreath Workshop offerings for you.

To top off the season, we've got another Spoon Carving session with Bethanie Kaye, and finally, a body product workshop where you will leave with a multitude of skills AND a substantial bag of goodies to spread around at the Handcrafted Holiday Gift Workshop.

As always, you can peruse all our workshop offerings and buy tickets HERE, on our trusty website. 

That's all for now friends!! Come visit us soon. As your personal shoppers, gift-giving guides, and the antithesis to corny mall music, we are here for you, no matter what planet you're from.

Anna & Erin & Baby Luke





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