Thank You!! + Upcoming Events

We did it. 
Watson & Lou is a real thing.

Thank you (thank you, thank you, thank you) to everyone who attended our Grand Opening to greet us with smiles, encouragement, and warm fuzzy feelings as we pushed our baby into the world. Your alternative #ptboslogans did not disappoint.

Among our favourites:

Rock Out With Your Lock Out
You'll Always Come Back
You Never Left
Come Canoodle With Us
Unlimited Snakes
Oatmeal Capital of the World
Diane for Mayor 

We are forever grateful to the many people who have helped us get this far. The folks at Peterborough Economic Development, the DBIA, Peterborough Community Savings, the Ashburnham Reality team, our parents, our friends, our partners, and our Water Street neighbours (especially all the rad folks in the Banker's Common!) have all kept us from running away crying and screaming while leaving a trail of allen keys and broken dreams. Instead, our walls, Ikea furniture, and emotional selves are really quite stable! Special shout out to Graeme Marrs for his expert work on our custom shelving. 


Our customers have also been just lovely. We underestimated both the number of people in Peterborough who truly appreciate the value of unique handmade goods, and the number of local people making them! What an incredible privilege to work with all of you.

Thanks also to Natalie Raponi of Heck Yes! for hosting our first wildly successful workshop. Not only is Nat charming as all get out, but her succulent garden workshops are highly educational. (We are more than a little confident about keeping succulents alive now.) She has other workshops coming up at Watson & Lou this fall! Get your tickets now for:

  •  Fall Floral Watercolours (with very special guest artist Stephanie Fehrenbach), Saturday afternoon, October 21st, 2-5pm
  • All Natural Winter Wreaths, running the afternoon of November 25th (session one nearly sold out... still a few spots from 4-6pm)

Also coming up, hosted by us: a workshop to fast track you through setting up an Etsy shop to sell your handmade and vintage goods online, plus a chair painting workshop with plenty of fresh inspiration and our Canadian-made line of luscious Fat paint. Get your tickets now for:

We've got tons of stuff coming in over the next few weeks, including alphabet prints, macramé, sassy gold bracelets, more animal air planters, and to all the people who have asked...YES, we will be replenishing the Golden Girls coasters! We promise.

You can now SHOP ONLINE, and there'll be new stuff popping up there too in the coming weeks including some gorgeous pillows, blankets, and fibre arts.

Still with me? Good. There's ONE MORE THING we need to say to all you freelancy creative artist types: You can now buy your $50 yearly membership online. This gets you invitations to our monthly maker meetings (discussion-based, snack-infused exchange of ideas and knowledge to improve your artistic business on the first Tuesday of everyone month starting October 3rd), plus three free hours to try out our studio space. Should you want to rent workspace in our studio on a more regular basis. Awesome!! You can do that! See rates here

Thanks again from the bottom of our happily exhausted little hearts for supporting us and a whole community of local makers and artists. We believe in the power of creative, sustainable local economies to make better cities and happier people, and are so glad you do too!

See you soon,

Anna & Erin

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