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Flyin' High

Well Watson and Louers,

We've got a wedding and hysterectomy under our belts (hehe), and we're back in store with the kind of excitement normally reserved for buttercream cake. Here's a sampling of things we found while flying all over Peterborough and beyond. Sorry if that was your chicken coop we crashed into. We're still learning. 

Notable in the body care section are the new stocked natural perfume roll-ons from Garden City Essentials. Swoon-worthy! Our beards are clean and coiffed thanks to The Willow's Bark, and as always, Sweet Song's Elder Berry syrup is helping us keep colds and flu at bay. 

In the jewellery section, we've got brand new Torched Studio designs on the way (light and affordable brass and acetate just how you like it) and some stunning one-of-a-kind items from local artist Nikki Cobden. 

In the decor and housewares department, you might want to feast your eyes on new Lucky Jackson and the beautiful spell candles and magical artwork of the witchy wonders from The Eclectic Herbal, or perhaps the beautiful new mugs from Hawkeye Pottery and letterpress calendars from Kiss the Paper. 


Kids are loving our new Toy Maker of Lunenburg friends, and we're stocked to the eyeballs with the softest baby bibs and cozy clothes from Sarita Baby and Coyle's Cubby. 


Last but not least, to satisfy your crafty urges we have brand new needle felting, embroidery, and punch needle starter supplies, PLUS, this just in... a punch needle class Saturday November 23rd

There's still room in Stained Glass and Fizzy Drinks too (learn to make kombucha, vinegar shrubs, AND ginger beer.) The broom riding workshop will be announced once we master these fickle vehicles. They're really better for sweeping and cobwebbing we think. 

Out-of-towners and couch shoppers DON'T DESPAIR!! We are working hard to get all the new goodies on the website ASAP. 

And, because sadly she couldn't invite all of you, here's a glimpse of Erin's big day! It was beautiful, sweet, hilarious, and delicious. Anna only cried twice. Okay three times damnit. Photo by Jennifer Moher.

We hope your fall is looking as bright as ours, and we hope to see you very soon!



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