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Ultra Professional Models for Hire!

Just kidding. But we are feeling pretty spicy these days in our new Kuma sunglasses.

SO, what's on at W&L this summer!!??

Well, for the first time ever, professional illustrator Jason Wilkins will be hosting a six week course for kids ages 6-13 to learn the art of cartoon, comic, and caricature, and it's making us wish we were 6 years old again. (But not 13. That was a bit rough.)

This starts soon! July 25th/26th! Grab tickets on the website to reserve a spot.

In August, Rachel Dyck of the The Critter Co. (the local artist behind our beloved watercolour card & prints) is bringing her outstanding sketchbooking skills to the people. Join her Saturday August 17th to learn tips & tricks for sketching and painting on the go. $90 includes a beautiful supplies kit with everything you need. Tickets here.

The full, very awesome (can you say kombucha & canning?) fall workshop schedule will go up on the website August 15th, so maybe mark it down on your calendar, or your arm, or a piece of envelope or whatever. You do you.

Speaking of Ultra Professional Models... we invited James & Sam from Nish Tees to come over and show off some of their Nogoginwanong/Peterborough duds. They were just THE BEST, and now all of these great made-in-Canada tees are available on the website. Thanks guys!!


As far as beautiful, hilarious, unexpected, delightful, well-made, contemporary goods made right in here in Peterborough, we still have a few of those.  

And a few more.

So come on down, or do some couch-surfing-shopping (don't forget we offer a $10 flat rate for shipping within Canada, as well as a free in-store pick-up take out, but you get to keep it forever).

If you're looking for some rainy day stuff, visit our CRAFTY section. Punch needles are back, and yes, another workshop coming this fall!

Spice up your life,

Anna & Erin



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