rum and spruce aftershave

rum and spruce aftershave

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A classic aftershave made with Jamaican rum infused with bayberry. (Smells AMAZING when you put it on, but doesn't linger forever or stink up the room.)

After shaving the sensitive skin on your face (or underarms and bikini area) the pores are left open and become very susceptible to the rashes and blemishes caused by the infiltration of dirt and bacteria. alcohol and witch hazel based aftershaves are astringent and anti-bacterial and re tighten the pores so that bacteria can not settle in.

This aftershave also nourishes the skin with avocado oil infused with wild and locally grown organic plant extracts: chamomile, lavender, willow bark, plantain, and calendula.

Jamaican rum infused with bayberry •witch hazel distillate •vegetable glycerin •avocado oil •chamomile •lavender •calendula ∆plantain ∆willow bark •a blend of organic essential oils


Made in Peterborough by Nadine of The Willow's Bark.