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Flower & Fruit Facial Serum

Flower & Fruit Facial Serum

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This facial serum is a nutritive blend of rich organic oils from powerful fruits, the essential oils of organic flowers, and the extracts of my favorite wild, skin healing herbs. It balances, protects, rejuvenates, and creates a non-greasy, dewy glow. 

Just two drops, mixed with flower water or toner, and applied to the skin after washing is all you need. Using this product after bathing, when the skin is still damp is recommended for best results. 

Facial Serum can also be applied to skin before an herbal facial steam or bath, as the hot steam will open pores, allowing the nutritive oils to penetrate further. 

INGREDIENTS •rosehip oil •avocado oil •evening primrose oil •raspberry seed oil •jojoba oil •camelia oil •helichrysum oil •carrot seed oil •frankincense oil •lavender oil •yarrow oil •chamomile oil •calendula ∆plantain ∆willow bark •chamomile •lavender

*organic wild