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the essentials face care kit - travel size (clover tonic)

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The Sampler! 2 oz Lavender & Honey Wash, 1/2 oz Lavender & Orange Blossom Facial Tonic, and 2/1 oz. Flower & Fruit Facial Serum

The 3 steps to glowing, clean, hydrated skin starts with an oil-based, soap-free cleanser that gently scrubs the skin clean and removes makeup with non-abrasive jojoba beads.

After washing, keep skin slightly damp.

Mix a small amount of facial serum and facial tonic in the palm of your hand and apply to your face by massaging them into your skin as the final step to lock in moisture, tighten pores, and nourish the skin with a rich nutritive blend of oils and flower water.

That's all it takes, we promise.

Lavender & Honey Milkey Cleanser Aqua, •Coconut Oil, Raw Local Honey, •Vegetable Glycerin, Stearic Acid, •Sunflower Oil, •Castor Oil, Jojoba Esters, •Guar Gum •Lavender Oil, •Lemon Oil •Tea Tree Oil, •Rosemary Oil, •Rosemary Extract, Citric Acid •organic ∆wild

Clover and Calendula Toner 

Flower & Fruit Facial Serum •lavender distillate, •orange blossom distillate, •witch hazel distillate, •vegetable glycerin, •frankincense oil, •lavender oil, •chamomile oil *organic

"The Willow's Bark uses organic locally grown and wild plant extracts, local humane small batch honey and beeswax, organic carrier oils and essential oils, and recyclable containers for all of their products. All products are free from harsh dyes and unregulated industry toxins, as well as preservatives, coal tar derivatives, unnatural fragrances, and unsustainable products like palm oil."

Made in Peterborough Ontario by Nadine of The Willow's Bark