sweet fern herbal cream - for bites & itches

sweet fern herbal cream - for bites & itches

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This all-natural, gentle astringent cream made with ethically wild crafted, local medicinal plants has worked wonders on just about every kind of skin irritation we've encountered, including bites, stings, rashes, sunburn, cuts, scrapes, splinters, and even acne!

Aryn assures us that in cases of advanced poison ivy, oak or sumac rash, there is no other plant to compare with the trusted effects of sweet fern.

Although jewelweed is known as the antidote for poison ivy, it is best used at the onset or before the rash appears. Sweet fern is used when the rash is already present and well established; blistering, bubbling, or full blown. 

This is a great cream to have in your herbal medicine cabinet. Useful for the worst types of rashes. 

Does contain some subtle essential oils. For a scent-free baby & kid safe version, try the sweet fern salve.

Made by Aryn Mahood of Sweet Song Herbals in Peterborough, Ontario.