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Food of My People - edited by Candas Jane Doresey and Ursula Pflug

Food of My People - edited by Candas Jane Doresey and Ursula Pflug

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"A savoury collection that serves up an inspired and fascinating range of all-new speculative storytelling"

Eating is a symbolic and magical act--a transformation, a covenant, a ritual, a comfort, a necessity--but all through history, food-themed stories have also had their dark sides. Food can be integral to the magic, the meetings, and the processes of fantastical fiction: from myth and legend to high fantasy, from hard-science speculative fiction to post-modern magic realism, from Hansel and Gretel to Soylent Green, from Persephone to 2001, from Alice in Wonderland to Alien. In this anthology, Ursula Pflug and Candas Jane Dorsey, two award-winning senior writers of literary speculation, have gathered a range of speculative writing that recognizes both our attraction to the candy coating and our fascination with the poisoned apple. Paired with each story is a recipe, real or fantastical, for food mentioned in the story: consume at your own risk!

Food of My People, is an anthology of short stories edited by Candas Jane Doresey, and local author Ursula Pflung 


Born in Tunis to German parents in 1958, Ursula Pflug grew up in Toronto. She attended the University of Toronto and The Ontario College of Art and Design. In workshop settings she studied playwriting with Judith Thompson and speculative fiction with Judith Merril. She has travelled in Canada, the US, North Africa, Europe, Jamaica, Japan, and Mexico. She has lived in New York City and in Hawai’i. Formerly a graphic designer, she focused on her writing after relocating to rural Peterborough County with her family in 1987 and currently lives in the village of Norwood with her partner, the multi-media artist Doug Back.