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Don't call me ma'am - decorative plate

Don't call me ma'am - decorative plate

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I know you're just trying to be polite, but I'm not old, rich, or a lady. And unless we're in the Southern U.S. or east coast and you're a buxom maternal figure at least twice my age, I'm not a miss, a sweetie, a dear, or a darlin' either. Let's toss the archaic titles steeped in assumptions about gender, class, and marital status, K?

Cup-less vintage tea saucer sourced and altered by Anna Eidt of Lou Brown Vintage in Peterborough, Ontario.

5.5" diameter. 

  • For decorative use only
  • Comes with small triangle hanger attached to back (use a flat head nail for extra security!)
  • Gently wipe clean with a damp cloth so as not to damage ceramic decals
  • All plates are in vintage condition: expect minor chips, stains, or cracks, or other imperfections

(Please note: this item also available in store by request.)