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do the next right thing - decorative plate

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From Anna Eidt, a.k.a. Lou Brown Vintage:

I encountered this phrase via the podcast Invisibilia in which the host, Alix Spiegel is reeling extra hard about the certain doom of climate change, and looking for advice from someone who can actually predict the future; or at least, she can smell whether people have Parkinson's or not, and therefore know a bit about their fate. 

Here's an Exerpt:

SPIEGEL: I was thinking of climate change as a disease that spelled the end rather than as a condition that I could adapt to and live with. I explained this to Alison. That figuring out how to think about the future was the thing that, in a strange way, had led me to her.

I was looking for realistic hope, something that was not, oh, kind of rainbows and ponies, hope that you could credibly carry around with you.

WILLIAMS: There's all sorts of different kinds of hope.

SPIEGEL: And that's when Alison gave me some practical advice about living with conditions, whether those conditions are Parkinson's or climate change or the potential death of democracy, whatever your particular flavor of terror happens to be. The trick, as I understand it, is not to focus so much on the outcome, but instead concentrate on the process. The question to ask was not, where will this end, but what is the next right thing to do? What time tonight does Mature Latin Movers start? Can I go to taiko drumming on Monday?

WILLIAMS: If I pinned my hopes to a cure, I would just be waiting. And it wouldn't come, and I would get resentful and disappointed and depressed and be much more likely to fall off my perch quicker. So I pinned my hopes to living a life as well as I can as good as I can every day from one day to the next. That's my hope.


Cup-less saucer sourced and altered by Anna of Lou Brown Vintage in Peterborough, Ontario.

5.5" diameter. 

  • For decorative use only
  • Comes with small triangle hanger attached to back (use a flat head nail for extra security!)
  • Gently wipe clean with a damp cloth so as not to damage ceramic decals
  • All plates are in vintage condition: expect minor chips, stains, or cracks, or other imperfections