Jewelweed Spray - Poison Ivy Treatment

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Formulated with plants traditionally used by indigenous peoples to treat poison ivy, oak, and sumac. Apply as soon as contact is determined or at the first signs of the rash.

The benefits of Jewelweed are quite specific. Today it is most widely used as a topical treatment for extreme itchiness and rash caused by contact with plants and insects, most notably: poison ivy, oak and sumac. 

Applying jewelweed will help keep the poison ivy rash from spreading, help ease the itch and speed healing.

If you are lucky enough to apply jewelweed when the rash is just beginning, you may avoid the rash altogether and witness the amazing antidote effect of this wonderful plant. If your rash is already established, you may prefer to use Sweet Fern Herbal Cream.

Jewelweed is very soothing and gentle and can be applied to even the most delicate areas of the body. You can use this salve as a moisturizer, a first aid salve, and for rashes of all kinds.

Formulated and handmade by certified practical herbalist Aryn Mahood of Sweet Song Herbals in Lakefield, Ontario.