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druid egg - beeswax dragon's egg candle

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The egg is a sacred form innately connected with fertility, abundance, and mystery. The Druids Eggs of old were tools for meditation and magickal focus. In keeping with this tradition, these beeswax candles have been infused with herbs associated with peace, clarity, gratitude and abundance. Burn it and enjoy its grounding energies. 

Beeswax infused with oatstraw, sweet grass, lemon verbana, marshmallow, and fennel seed.

Please note each candle is handmade and therefore may vary slightly from the one photographed.

Made in Peterborough, Ontario by Jenn Avis and Amber Johnson of The Eclectic Herbal.

The Eclectic Herbal spell and ritual candles are infused with and contain dried plant material which can ignite during burning (it's part of the magick!). Tend to your candle as you tend to your magick - carefully. Be sure to burn your candles safely on a surface free from flammable materials and never leave a burning candle unattended.