Kate Story - Antilia: Seer and Sacrifice

Kate Story - Antilia: Seer and Sacrifice

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Rowan and Ophelia, separated and lost in Antilia, find that the magical land of their childhood dreams has been ravaged and divided...

Seer and Sacrifce brings the Antilia duology to a gripping conclusion.

"Kate Story has created an utterly contemporary, exquisitely imagined parallel world fantasy with a deeply satisfying plot and unforgettable characters..."

- Holly Bennet, Author of The Bonemender, Shapeshifter, and Drawn Away

Kate Story is a Shakespeare geek and science fiction fan. A Newfoundlander living in Ontario, she is a writer and performer. Her first novel Blasted  (Killick Press) received the Sunburst Award's honourable mention, and she is the 2015 recipient of the Ontario Art's Foundation's K.M. Hunter Award for her work in theatre.