Pioneer Spirit - Pyramid Beeswax Candles

Pioneer Spirit - Pyramid Beeswax Candles

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This 5 Sided Pyramid Candle is made from 100% pure Canadian beeswax that has been triple filtered. Emitting Pioneer Spirit's signature natural scent, it is perfect for any occasion and any room. The smooth finish and eco-friendly Reach compliant dyes give it a variety of colors to choose from. Made with 100% cotton wicks and free from any petroleum-based oils, these natural candles are non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, allergen-free, and produce no black smoke. They are also free from any carcinogens or harmful toxins.

Size: 3" x 5"

Approximate Burn Time: Approx 8-10 hours. Always remember to cut your wick to 1/4 on each use.