Kate Story - Urchin

Kate Story - Urchin

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"Kate Story's Urchin is electric with magic, glittering language, and high-wire tension. Story's protagonist, non-binary Dor, is a brave spy and adventurer who soars off the page, out the window, through the gloom, to the wonderfully terrifying kingdom of the fairies, on a wild quest to save her mother who has been lead astray by the little people. This masterful coming-of-age tale is alive with energy and insight, charged with passion and wit. Here's a queer, ultra-modern historic St. John's, where scientific advancement smacks up against potent magic and ancient lore. Sparks fly. Prepare to be zapped with high voltage suspense and megawatts of fun. Prepare to be spellbound." 

-Lisa Moore, Author of  Flannery, Caught, and February 

"Witty, tender, heartrending, Urchin is the compelling coming-of-age story of Dor, who must grapple with curses, sabotage, and their very own identity. Urchin beautifully blends history and fantasy, bringing both early 20th-century Newfoundland and it's rich fairy lore vividly to life. Protagonist Dor is perhaps the greatest treat of all; a clever, endearing underdog who you root for fro start to finish. Kate Story handle's Dor's struggles with gender and sexuality with honesty and grace. A truly valuable novel and a must-read!"

-Caighlan Smith, author of Children of Icarus 

Kate Story is a Shakespeare geek and science fiction fan. A Newfoundlander living in Ontario, she is a writer and performer. Her book, Blasted received the Sunburst Award's honourable mention, and she is the 2015 recipient of the Ontario Art's Foundation's K.M. Hunter Award for her work in theatre.