Waves by PJ Thomas

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"Waves- waves as in greeting, waves as in movement, waves as in water, or emotions that overflow, and overwhelm. Waves drive this collection of poems. PJ Thomas writes:/ "I need fluidity/ so the waves can pass through me;/ waves of the moon rays/ glinting from the bay,/ the song in the poplars,/ and the silvery wind/ playing across the wheat tops." With these poems, Thomas documents an ever-transforming world with an ironic tenderness that I find so satisfying."
-Concetta Principe, Ph. D. Comparative Literature
"Whether it be the whirling motion of a mesmerizing Sufi dance, the measured movement of a waltz or polka, or the restrained abandon of Virginia reel, Thomas sets her sights upon a form of "ferocious dancing" that choreographs and gesticulates through gorgeous and heartfelt lyrics images. PJ's words embody varied and moving 'waves' of meditation. She creates movement and depth of emotion as witness to the intricacies of landscape- "fruit bearing cherry trees,/ ginseng growing wild,/ and prickly pear mixed with the stand of oaks..." as well as the broad, compassionate, searching strokes of human interaction, questioning, and evolving nature."
- David Bateman, Ph. D. English (Specialization: Creative Writing) 
"PJ Thomas' poetry is lyrical and captures the ups and downs of living fully. 'Waves' is an intimate visual portrait of water and its relationship to life, connecting to ways emotion and story affect us.
-Jessica Outraw, M.A. Education, Poet Laureate of Cobourg

Published by the newly emerging PAJE Press.