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Get your Fall Fizz On

Dear craftaholics, workshop junkies, DIY dudes, and the craft-curious,

The fall workshop schedule is HERE!

We are very pleased to welcome professional illustrator and cartoonist Jason Wilkins -- all the way from his studio upstairs at W&L -- to the downstairs workshop line-up with lessons for kids, teens, and adults. Jason has a way of making drawing techniques feel easy whether you're using pencils, paint, or sharpies, and we think you'll enjoy hanging out with him as much as we do. 

For the first time ever, we're doing kitchen things! Fizzy & Fabulous Fermented Drinks (kombucha, ginger beer, and health boosting vinegar shrubs) is being hosted by our fave do-it-yourself body care experts Kathrin and Andrew of For The Love of Body. Come get your fall fizz on!

You asked for canning, so we searched high and low for the best in the province, and Joel MacCharles -- author of the famed book Batch – Over 200 Recipes Tips and Techniques for a Well Preserved Kitchen and co-author at -- said YES! Join us for this comprehensive demo of Batch Preserving and turn your kitchen into a glorious preservation factory for bright, delicious local veggies all winter long. Yummm.

Kat Tepylo (basically Watson & Lou royalty at this point) has created a fresh Social Media Masterclass to help you improve your experience, engagement, and content across all major social media platforms. This class is useful for all kinds of organizations to put one internet foot in front of the other and get your message out there.

Then we've got a brand new shiny workshop for all you typography, hand-lettering, and graphic design nerds! Highly experienced designer and artist Christopher Rouleau is hosting a two-day intensive Sign Painting Workshop

PLUS, For the Love of Body will be coming back in November to run their ever-popular, hugely versatile Soap Making Workshop, and Jessica of Flux Glass Co. is also back again with two different Intro to Stained Glass workshops.  

Look for rag rugs, carving, weaving, and punch needle workshops come wintertime! In the meantime, we have no-slip hoops, monk's cloth (on the way), and Oxford Punch Needles for you to get started on your insatiable punch needle journey. 

As always, tickets are also available in the shop, or over the phone during store hours at 705-775-7568.

Thanks for helping to make this little community thrive. We're still pinching ourselves,

Anna & Erin

p.s. We hope you can join us during First Friday Ptbo on September 6th. It's our second anniversary, and there will be painting, unicorns, and cake!



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