gallery of sorts

[Call for Submissions OPEN!]

The Gallery of Sorts is an ongoing experiment in our back workshop space.  We have one large white wall (about 13' long), some smaller white walls, a decent amount of floor space, and some shelving & tables to accommodate a wide variety of mediums.

Big, small, playful, colourful, critical, weird... we are open to it all.

To apply please include the following:

  • A brief, one paragraph description of the project
  • A short bio / CV of relevant experience
  • Minimum 5 images of completed work and/or work in progress

While we do not currently have any funding to subsidise shows, we aim to improve financial accessibility by providing different options, and will provide support wherever possible for any grant applications initiated by the artist. 

We will respond to all applicants within 5-10 business days.



  • Artist remains on site to process all transactions
  • Marketing provided through W&L channels
  • Artist executes set up and take down

$150 + HST for Friday - Saturday 

$100 + HST for Saturday only

Longer Shows

  • 30% commission on sale transactions processed by W&L 
  • Marketing provided through W&L channels
  • Assistance provided for set up and take down

$385 + HST for 3 weeks, leaving some floor/wall space open for concurrent pop-ups

$485 + HST for entire space for 3 weeks 


Thanks in advance for your time and interest!