our story



We are DIY queen Erin Watson and Lou Brown Vintage artist Anna Eidt. We met through a local entrepreneurial contest and have been basking in our mutual love for contemporary art and design ever since.

Our mission is to celebrate the beauty, ingenuity, and kindness of our local creative economy. We aim to provide a platform for local makers to share their work with a wider audience while growing and refining their practice through dialogue and skills-sharing. 

We are beyond fortunate to have access to such a wonderful spread of local talent, with over half of our makers producing right here in Nogojiwanong/Peterborough. We hope you will love their work as much as we do. 



Erin loves art, travel, caesars, heels, and learning new skills to make fun home decor. With an impressive résumé in the service industry and extensive administrative and managerial experience in entertainment, Erin spent her pre-Watson & Lou career hoarding a massive collection of kick-ass skills to serve her as an entrepreneur. She loves downtown Peterborough almost as much as she loves getting her hands dirty, and is eager to collaborate with local makers to create a truly dynamic hub in a city already bursting with creativity.








































Anna loves cats, chocolate, hot tubs, neon pink, and turning vintage finds into unexpected art. After eight years teaching high school music and English, Anna decided it was high time to take her health and career into her own hands, and the boutique + studio dream was born. But it was the move to Peterborough, the support of awesome local makers, and teaming up with Erin Watson that has allowed this dream to come true. 


our mission

We believe that the arts are an indispensable part of what makes healthy people and healthy communities, and that everyone has the capacity for creativity. We also believe that the movement to shop local, treasure handmade goods, and do-it-yourself is not just a hipster fad: it's the way of the past, and also the way of the future. 

With the evermore pressing need for environmentally sustainable practices, we want to encourage you to buy less, buy better, and buy in a way that celebrates and invests in your local creativity economy. Beyond supporting smart consumers, we aim to foster opportunities for the learning and teaching of creative skills to make interesting, lovely, and useful things that improve your quality of life.


Come make with us!