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We've Come Back From Worse

Our blog is normally pretty peppy, but this is not such a peppy time. 

Today we are sharing an episode of Pondercast, where host Laurie Brown (Anna's aunt) shares the family origin story of the Lou Brown Vintage plate phrase "I've come back from worse," followed by some wise thoughts about how we experience grief.

Listen to the episode HERE

We have all lost so much in the past two years: from the basic connections of our interdependent communities, to the intimacies of friendship, to beloved family members, often while juggling logistically impossible workloads, financial hardship, AND trying to find time for Wordle.

In an attempt to place a handsome handmade cherry on top of the this ongoing hardship, we are extending the same discount to you that we have offered to Pondercast listeners: 10% off any online order until Saturday February 5th at 5pm with discount code: IVECOMEBACKFROMWORSE

Funnelling some resources into local small businesses and creatives might not solve any of the big problems, but we hope our offerings will strengthen a connection or loosen the knot in your stomach by reminding us of the generosity and beauty that is abundant even while we are trapped in our own complicated bubbles.

Yours in "holding love and pain together,"

Anna & Erin




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