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Well this is a bit inappropriate.

It feels ridiculous to be plugging away at our business, posting our regular brand of comedic relief and delightful handmade goods while the supremely messy world spins around us. Propaganda, white supremacy, war, climate change, colonialism, and plutocrats are running amok! But here, LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUS TEA SET!

(No really)

Ceramics by Kirsti Smith of Gallery K

Even having entered the world of entrepreneurship with baskets of privilege and support, small business is precarious at the best of times, and now we find ourselves trying to keep all our balls in the air while repeating with less and less confidence "I think we've made it through the worst!"

So how can Watson & Lou thrive, continue to showcase and support local creatives, inch closer to a living wage for all involved, and also attend to serious issues unfolding right here in our backyard?

[Nervous laugh-cry!] We do not have that figured out yet! Please let us know if you do! But we'd like to share a couple of quotes that have helped us claw back some energy amid the sinking feelings of despair:

And from Queen AOC: 

So, we are going to invite you to do one small thing this week that is not any kind of fix, but hopefully an act of love, and something we can do together to see "the other little pieces glistening alongside us."

Starting Monday, you can enter the PLANT GOALS + NEEDLES IN THE HAY + WATSON & LOU 2022 NEIGHBOURLY LOVEFEST GIVEAWAY on Instagrumble in which we offer one lucky person 270 dollars worth of incredible Water Street swag, but the more important part is that we are accepting physical donations all week for YES Shelter.

Visit for the complete list of new (unused) items needed. 

Any donation will make you eligible for 10% off your same day in-store purchase at all three stores. 

Please also join us in advocating at all levels of government for more creative, bold, affordable housing solutions, because like so many cities right now, our community is being swallowed by the financialization of housing, and it is in crisis.

Here's a teaser of some of the freshest pieces from the glistening mosaic that is our local community of talented, persistent, inspired, and kind creatives. Please feast your weary eyes on fresh work by Karin McLean, Ashley Debeyer of Sweetfern Studios, Amber Johnson of Birchwood Fine Art, Linda Patterson of Arts of Delight, Marissa's Herb Garden, and Nikki Cobden of The Inspired I:



Visit us at or 383 Water street for the full, glorious spread. 

Your in despair, confusion, hope, handmade splendour, and random power poses,

Anna & co.


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