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What a Bunch of Dirty Hippies

It's no secret. We're weirdos who like art and bugs and trees, and have even been known to sport the occasional tie dye accessory. Like you and Jane Goodall and David Attenborough, we are horrified to be witnessing a major earthly extinction event. 

What the heck, W&L blog? What is this? Reminding us that swaths of humanity are out-of-control superpredators wreaking havoc on the web of life right out of the gate? Just when spring is offering glimmers of hope and joy in our peripheral vision? You think we don't already worry about habitat loss and pollution and climate change at 3a.m. along with 17,000 other things? Where are the aesthetically pleasing products of inspiring local creatives, highlighting the softer, kinder sides of consumer culture and the bewildering human condition?

Quite right! Let us temper that despair with some hope and joy. The survival of our newsletter and species depends on it! We are perpetually inspired and heartened but all the incredible work happening in our own community, so it shouldn't be too difficult...

With the return of the birds and butterflies, we recently teamed up with The Monarch Ultra and Peterborough Pollinators to create a lush window display paying tribute to the monarch butterfly whose annual migration is at risk of disappearing due to vanishing habitats, extreme weather, and increased use of pesticides. After the initial install, over 60 local students and preschoolers brought us their beautiful creations to add to the display. We are over the moon with their pollinator-friendly flowers and bees and trees!

Here's the extra fun part: You can purchase raffle tickets to potentially win a giant $250 prize pack of pollinator-friendly perennial plants and art, and all funds will go to The Monarch Ultra to support their incredible work in educating the public about the delicate state of pollinators and the environment using storytelling and epic monarch-mimicking ultramarathons (!!) as a vehicle for social and environmental change. 


What else were you looking for again? Some aesthetically pleasing products by inspiring local creatives, and the softer side of consumer culture and the bewildering human condition? 

We can do that. As we've mentioned before, there's just something about the nature of selling local handmade goods that means our suppliers, customers, and staff are solid gold. 

While some misled, therapy-deficient people are apparently hellbent on giving our town a bad name by hurling insults and threats, nearly everyone who has come through our doors this spring has been kind, patient, and respectful of our choice to stay masked. 

Running a small business is fantastic and terrible all at once. It's flexible, creative, fulfilling, and precarious, demanding, and unpredictable. Making it through the last two years as a business simultaneously feels like a momentous community achievement, and like we just got on the tallest roller coaster at Wonderland instead of the kiddie bumper boats BY MISTAKE.

So thank you, again and again, to everyone who has helped keep this little train chugging: to the makers and artists who have continued to serve their work up to the world, and to aaaaalll the people who make the choice, whenever they can, to spend some time in our beloved downtown supporting the unique, indie ventures that make Peterborough weird & good. 

With hope and joy and tie dye,

Anna & Erin








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