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What Next??

If we knew, we'd tell you! 

From our weary personal realms to the wonders of billionaire-blighted space, it seems we're all wondering what the heck is next!? Is Mercury *always* in retrograde now? Someone please explain.

As per usual, we are turning to arts & crafts to feel connected to all the good things and people around us while we attempt to set healthy boundaries between our psyches and the entire internet.

(This hooked wall hanging by Odd Ducks Vintage is not for sale, but you can get your own punch needle, natural dying, macramaking, cross stitching, and needle felting supplies HERE to make your own delightful wall hangings.)

As many a psychologist has pointed out lately, we're not really evolved to take in the deluge of information, trauma, and relationships that the 21st century tries to shove down our throats. Mix a pandemic in there, and no wonder we're wandering around the kitchen like zombies, re-evaluating all our major life choices and burning the toast.  

To complicate things further for us, this spring Watson & Lou has been utterly overtaken by bunnies. They're demanding carrots, ear strokes, and an end to homelessness and global conflict. They are not impressed with our progress on these demands, and they are pissed!

(Birchwood Fine Art, Critter Co., can you please have a word with your bunnies?)

In addition to the carrot distribution workload and general confusion among humankind, we are wearing too many hats. With parenting, new career goals, and the stress of entrepreneuring through a pandemic, we are trying to figure out the next permutation of W&L to keep serving up our unique brand of local creative splendour for years to come.

We'll keep you posted. 

In the meantime, we are ETERNALLY grateful to staff Brooklin Holbrough, Justine-Marie Williams, and Amanda McBain who are doing such incredible work that we can actually have our feet in multiple boats without splitting the crotch of our favourite pandemic joggers. And we're ETERNALLY grateful to the incredible local makers and loyal customers who allow our shop to keep existing. 

Enough about us. Let's talk about TRACKS Youth Program

As we all know, this reconciliation thing is a long game. There's so much we need to learn, and so much that has to change. In the spirit of staying dedicated to continued learning and taking small actions in our own backyard, will you help us raise some funds for this amazing organization that is doing the infinitely important work of keeping local Indigenous knowledge alive and well? 

So we are extending this EPIC RAFFLE CONTEST in which you should 100% participate if you can, pretty pretty please!

The prize includes everything you see here (t-shirt size of your choice), and a free virtual TRACKS workshop for kids. If you know *anyone* who has kids, or works with kids, you could win this workshop for them and support an amazing program that "facilitates dynamic, land-based youth programming that braids multiple scientific approaches by centring Indigenous ways of knowing and being."

The prize has a $300 value, and we'd like to raise at least that for the fine folks at TRACKS. So far we have just $120, and a good chunk is from our moms. Can you help us out?? Purchase your raffle tickets in store or online HERE along with your favourite local goodies before the long weekend is out!  

Lastly, here's a sample of the incredible work that has graced our doorstep lately, that inspires us to keep on keeping on. Visit the website for more! 



Okay, back to carrot distribution and our multiple boats. 

With deep thanks for your continuous support of our invaluable local creative economy. Hope to see you at 383 Water Street very soon!

Anna & Erin





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