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cleansing grains

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Have you ever washed your face with flowers?

In days of old, people washed their skin with the saponin rich roots of plants, ground flowers and grains. Sweet Song cleansing grains take you back to the good old days and pure, true and simple ways.

This facial cleanser and a gentle exfoliant, suitable for even the most sensitive skin. This is a beautiful product containing slippery roots, ancient clays, ground flowers and grains, leaving you with a wonderful, all natural glow.

Use Sweet Song cleansing grains as an alternative to soap.

To use: Mix with a small amount of water or rose petal toner to create a nice slippery consistency. Or, for a facial mask: add egg whites, mashed fresh organic fruit, avocado or whatever you choose to create a rich tightening, cleansing and refreshing face mask.

Ingredients: ground certified organic oats, kaolin clay, ground organic #rose petals, #calendula petals, *lavender flowers, #elder flower and  #violets, *marshmallow root powder.

*certified organic


Grown in Sweet Song's organic garden in Lakefield, Ontario.