Erin Hollingshead - "Humpback Whale in Moonlight" Linocut Print

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This linocut print is 11 x 11 inches on 45 lb, white, acid free, smooth card paper.

All of Erin's linocut and woodcut prints are sketched out with pencil on paper before being transferred to the block to be carved. All of the designs are unique to her! She carves the image out of the block by hand using Speedball carving tools. Once carving is complete, she uses water-based printmaking inks from Blick to ink up her block. She then transfers the image from my block onto paper by hand using hand-printing tools such as a baren and wooden spoon. Basically, she carves fancy stamps and stamps them onto paper!

Since every print is made individually and printed by hand, each piece is a unique, original work of art that can be hung on the wall for you to enjoy for years to come! Since each print is made by hand, there will be very small uniquenesses to each print made.

Erin Hollingshead is a painter and printmaker from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She is inspired by nature on land and in the ocean, surfing and portraiture.

If you would like to keep up with Erin, please follow her on social media!

Instagram: @ehollingsheadart
TikTok: @ehollingsheadart
Facebook: Fine Art by Erin Hollingshead