belle - original framed art - 16x20

belle - original framed art - 16x20"

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The pieces featured here are inspired by some of Grimm’s Fairytales more notorious
fables including, Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and Beauty
and the Beast.

Samantha captures the magic and imagery that we all love from children’s books
but to be enjoyed for adults, melting away some of the sugar-coating that has
formed to these stories for generations. Here, the female characters are the hunters not the hunted. 

All three in this series have been professionally framed with *art glass (no harsh chemicals, water only to clean glass). Wire frame in back with archival paper backing. 

*Artglass™ reduces unwanted residual reflections to <1%. This is 8 times less than regular glass. Artglass™ increases the transmission of light by 8%, allowing it to reach >98%, thus enhancing the true and undistorted colors of the artwork on display.