HUM-2700 by Nick Berry

HUM-2700 by Nick Berry

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This "debt horror" short story will get your attention in a hurry, maybe make your mouth gape a tad. 

Released November 8th, 2017

Print run of 50 copies

Features spray-painted covers.

Published in Peterborough by Bird, Buried Press.

Graced with marriage a little over a year ago to his wife Chelsea, and father of a Springer Spaniel puppy named Ruby, Nick Berry strives to live the modern family unit dream. Born in St. Catharines, Ontario, for most of his life Nick Berry despised reading, writing, and school in general, so it only made sense for him to become a teacher. Now he teaches Language Arts, and instills a sense of weirdness into his classes that he hopes students find endearing, if not entertaining.