KMH Touches - Flosspot Gold Vegan Dental Floss

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Plant-based Flosspot™ Gold is coated with candililla wax,  flavoured with ginger-mint and packaged in a durable stainless steel jar. Non-toxic stainless is a perfect zero waste packaging for this vegan-friendly floss. Finally, a dental floss for vegans that is CERTIFIED by the illustrious USDA Labs and will biodegrade in 60 days! 

Flosspot™ Gold is packaged in a biodegradable cardboard box with only non-toxic inks and glue. Safely seals and window required by Health Canada are plant-based cello. Flosspot™ is an innovative solution to plastic waste. 

Use: Floss once a day!

Ingredients: Corn Husk Fibre and Ginger - Mint Flavour