Sherry DenBoer - Reasons: Three Lives One Soul

Sherry DenBoer - Reasons: Three Lives One Soul

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Award-Winner in the Fiction: New Age category of the 2022 International Book Awards

A novel worth reading for inspiring thinking... even when life throws the unthinkable at you.

REASONS, Three Lives One Soul follows three versions of the heroine—each an independent life, unaware of the other’s existence—yet all three are forever linked:

As a troubled teenager, Reason wants a new life after escaping an abusive relationship—only to fall victim to the same man when he kidnaps her.

As an elderly woman, Reason struggles with pain while searching for hope after trauma as she approaches the end of her life.

And as a 35-year-old, Reason longs for a second chance at happiness while suffering from shame and panic attacks triggered by the memories of trauma. While out for a walk to settle her nerves, an enchanted raven lures her into a magical forest.

In the magical world, where everything is a test, Reason discovers that to heal, she must tell the story of her harrowing past, reliving every detail. She embarks on a journey that will test her courage, sanity, and resilience, including confronting a spine-chilling creature created by her fear. Freedom and survival for all three Reasons depend on her success.

About the Author:

As an author, creating a connection with readers is paramount. I write fiction with three key elements: trauma/tragedy, hope, and transformation.

When I am writing and creating stories, I am more myself than ever.

Connecting with you, the book lovers who know a book (fiction or non-fiction) can change you for the better, is my quest. Sharing stories that might help another soul wandering this beautiful planet hurtling through space and tracing its orbit… is awe-inspiring to me.

We can make our own second chances and new beginnings. I try to convey this truth through my books.