Women's Tonic- Sweet Song Herbal

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A Nutrient Rich, Highly Absorbable Tonic Specifically Formulated To  Support Women’s Cycles Through Each Season Of Life.

This nourishing tonic, cleanses and deeply tones and supports the liver, kidneys, and entire urogenital system, balances hormones, as well as performing as a digestive enzyme.

Specifically formulated to support women’s cycles through every season of life.

Hormone Balance and Support

This nutrient dense syrup contains a melody of plants that support and balance hormones during; puberty, menses, perimenopause, menopause, and post menopause.

Cleansing and Blood Building

~ Deeply nourishes the liver, blood and urogenital system.

~ Cleanses on a deep, metabolic level.

~Rich in essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, this tonic addresses nutrient deficiency.

Iron Tonic

Helps to alleviate fatigue and anemia.

This syrup contains plants that offer nature’s bio-chelated iron (a highly absorbable form) and berries that are rich in Vitamin C which is necessary for iron absorption.



Made in house by Aryn Mahood of Sweet Song Herbals in Peterborough, Ontario.